Greeting 2018APAN STAR AWARDS Greetings from Co-organizer

Greetings. I am Kang Min, the executive advisor of Korean Entertainment Management Association, the co-organizer of the 2018 APAN Star Awards.

The APAN Star Awards, now reaching its 6th event, is an integrated awards ceremony that encompasses the dramas in all tv channels, including cable channels, ground-tv channels, total tv programming channels etc. The official Korean name is ‘아시아태평양 스타 워어즈,’ and it is becoming a global ceremony that rewards celebrities that are leading the popularity of K-dramas and contents abroad.
APAN Star Awards is especially partial and strict in its evaluation process, considered to be a publicly confidential award ceremony loved by many K-drama workers and celebrities. It contains the main values of Korean Entertainment Management Association that will be further developed in the future, showing its potential to grow to become the biggest domestic awards ceremony.

The APAN Star Awards, now reaching the 6th event, will become a K-drama festival. We will work hard to make sure that it can continue to be successfully hosted in the future. In addition, we will try our best so that this one and only drama integrated awards cerdmony becomes a grand, successful event.

Organizing Committee Co-organizer Kang Min Organizing Committee Co-organizer Kang Min
2018 APAN Star Awards
Organizing Committee Co-organizer Kang Min