Greeting 2018APAN STAR AWARDS Greetings from Head of organizer

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen and all of those who love K-dramas. I am Kim Hyo-jin, Head of organizer of the APAN Star Awards.
Firstly, I am very honored to be here today as the organizing committee president of such a prestigious event, the only Korean drama awards ceremony that includes all TV channels, striving to introduce the excellence of K-dramas and to develop even more.
K-dramas have now become cultural contents that people all around the world are not paying attention to. It has become the center of mass media, spreading the Korean wave all around the globe.
For the past half century, K-drama has been our friend and companion, always with us in both the good times and the bad times. Thus, we would like to spend some time rewarding the dramas that people have enjoyed throughout this year and celebrating with stars from all around the Asia-Pacific region.
I once again thank you for being with us, KSTAR Group, who is leading the 4th industry in entertainment, and enjoy your time at the 6th APAN Star Awards.

Thank you.

Head of organizer Kim Hyo-jin Head of organizer Kim Hyo-jin
2018 APAN Star Awards
Head of organizer Kim Hyo-jin