Introduce 2018APAN STAR AWARDS

The Korean Entertainment Management Association have been successfully holding the APAN AWARDS since 2012. We take pride in being the one and only awards ceremony to broadcast on all South Korean tv channels and in 2020 we will be holding our 7th awards ceremony.

The APAN AWARDS have nominated numerous stars and actors celebrated their talent and contribution to spreading Hallyu(Korean Wave) and K-Drama to the world. K-pop are also hitting the globe by a surprise with their music and active participation in the Korean drama alongside Korean actors. In the course of this global music phenomenon, we have newly established the APAN Music Awards and expanded are ceremony to encompass both K-Drama and K-Pop. Our previous award recipients were Son Hyun Ju, Song Heykyo, Jo In-Sung, Kim Soo Hyun, Song Joong-Ki and Lee Byung-hun. We are very anticipating to see who will win the grand award in this year’s 2020 7th APAN AWARD.